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French Guiana 1 – 4 Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean Cup 2012 – Group 5
October 10th, 2012
Warner Park, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis


Jean-Claude Darcheville (16′) Hughton Hector (26′)
Jamal Gay (35′)
Keon Daniel (72′)
Willis Plaza (87′)

Starting 11s

Rudy Merille Jan Michael Williams
Gary Marigard Joevin Jones
Samuel Sophie Carlyle Mitchell
Mickaël Rimane Daneil Cyrus
Marvin Torvic Robert Primus
Albert Ajaiso Seon Power
Ludovic Baal Keon Daniel
Lesly Malouda Densill Theobald
Rhudy Evens Kevon Carter
Nekie Adipi Hughton Hector
Jean-Claude Darcheville Jamal Gay


Serge Lespérance for Mickaël Rimane (66′) Richard Roy for Jamal Gay (70′)
Stéphan Clet for Rhudy Evens (68′) Willis Plaza for Kevon Carter (79′)
Gary Pigree for Nekie Adipi (75′) Clyde Leon for Hughton Hector (87′)

Unused Substitutes

Jean-Beaunel Petit-Homme Curtis Gonzales
François Sampain Devorn Jorsling
Miguel Haabo Kareem Moses
Warren Ho Méou Choune Marvin Phillip


Samuel Sophie (Yellow, 51′) Jamal Gay (Yellow, 36′)
Keon Daniel (Yellow, 69′)


Steeve Falgayrettes Hutson Charles


Notes: Trinidad and Tobago manager Hutson Charles was sent off in the 86th minute for arguing with the referee.

Referee: Marcos Brea (Cuba)
Assistant Referee 1: Angel Naranjo (Cuba)
Assistant Referee 2: Jose Rodrigues Martinez (Cuba)
Fourth official: David Rubalcaba (Cuba)
Match Commissioner: Antonio Garces Segura (Cuba)