Martinique 0 – 0 Haiti
March 24th, 2010
Stade Pierre-Aliker, Fort de France, Martinique


Starting 11s

Eddy Heurlié Peterson Occenat
Nicolas Zaïre Mechak Jerome
Stéphane Suédile Pierre Bruny
Johan Deluge Paulin Jean
Ludovic Clément Frantz Gilles
Lionel Ravi Fucien Brunel
Steeve Gustan Mones Chéry
Rodrigue Audel Raymond Ednerson
Patrick Percin Jean-Roody Jacob
Ludovic Pancrate Fritzon Jean-Baptiste
Mickaël Chosrova Éliphène Cadet


Kévin Parsemain for Patrick Percin (40′) Vaniel Sirin for Fritzon Jean-Baptiste (49′)
José Goron for Mickaël Chosrova (59′) Mackorel Sampeur for Mechak Jerome (49′)
Daniel Hérelle for Lionel Ravi (74′) Charles Herold for Fucien Brunel (51′)
Kévin Joseph-Louis for Ludovic Pancrate (77′) Peter Germain for Jean-Roody Jacob (57′)
Hugues Alcindor for Nicolas Zaïre (84′) Kervens Belfort Fils for Éliphène Cadet (61′)
Evens Prophète for Raymond Ednerson (74′)
Wings Pierre-Louis for Peterson Occenat (84′)

Unused Substitutes

Emmanuel Vermignon None
Lionel Zachelin
Christophe Montel
Romain Bannais


Unknown/To Come Unknown/To Come


Guy-Michel Nisas Jairo Rios Rendon


Notes: Thanks to France Antilles for the information. This match was played as a match for solidarity and the proceeds went to the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Referee: Dominique Borius (Martinique)
Assistant Referee 1: David Louis-Alexandre (Martinique)
Assistant Referee 2: Olyn Christophe (Martinique)
Fourth official: Paul-André Boungo (Martinique)
CFU Commissioner: Maurice Victoire (Martinique)