England Leagues Team Historical Influence in Soccer

England Leagues Team Historical Influence in Soccer

Everton Supporters Become The Pioneers of The Creation of The Soccer Goal-net

It is very difficult to imagine if the modern game of football has a goal without a net. It is certain that the referee, line judge, players, coaches, spectators, and match commentators are confused.

Soccer players experienced this experience before 1892. All controversy apparently arose before the goal net was implemented. This is because the ball from a kick that passes between the two goalposts is difficult for the eye to detect, for example, in the Everton match against Accrington Stanley. The match was filled with controversy over the referee who did not authorize the Toffee’s goal, even though the ball had crossed the goalpost.

Everton is the creator of soccer-net

The aftermath of the incident has angered a Liverpool engineer and Everton supporter, John Alexander Brodie. He thought hard and finally had the idea of ​​creating a “big pocket”, which later turned into a goal net.

The “big pocket” of Brodie’s invention was brought to the English Football Association (FA) for presentation. After conducting studies and improvements, the FA finally approved of Brodie’s wishes. The FA turned brodie’s findings into a net attached to the two goalposts.

The results of Brodie’s discovery were tested in the 1892 FA Cup final. The match that brought together Aston Villa versus West Bromwich Albion was finally recorded as the first official football match using a goal net.

Uniquely, according to Paolo di Canio, the shape of the goal is not as interesting as the process of creating goals. However, the former West Ham United striker from Italy did not deny that the goal is the most beautiful place in a football match.

“The goalpost is the most wanted place to go. Especially for me when I was still actively playing. The place is like heaven that feels beautiful if we can score a goal, “said Di Canio on one occasion, reported The Telegraph.

Sheffield FC, The Oldest Football Club in the World

Who is the oldest football club in the world? The answer is not Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, ​​Internazionale Milano, Arsenal or Manchester United. Neither Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, or Ajax Amsterdam. Sheffield Football Club obtained the status as the earliest established football club.

The Oldest Soccer Team

Sheffield was founded on October 24, 1857, by Nathaniel Creswick and William Perst in a meeting at Parkfield House and is headquartered on East Bank Road. That is, Sheffield was founded before the English Football Association (FA) was formed in London on October 26, 1863.

Not only born as a football club, but Sheffield also acts like FIFA in the modern era. The club, which is currently competing in the Northern Premier League Division One East or the equivalent of Division VIII, has its own game and competition rules. The regulations, known as the “Sheffield Rules”, became the code of conduct in football in 1858-1877.

The regulations were played out in the Youdan Cup from February 16, 1867, to March 9, 1867. It was a tournament that was older than the FA Cup. Four years after the Youdan Cup, the FA Cup was rolled out and has survived to this day. Youdan Cup dissolves into the FA Cup.

Interestingly, the Sheffield Rules were initially created and revised by Sheffield with responsibilities and regulations passed by the Sheffield Football Association (FAS) after being founded in 1867. The rules then spread beyond the city and other associations in the north and center of England. This made the Sheffield Rules one of the most popular football rules during the 1860s to 1870s.

The Oldest Soccer Team

The FA was then born in London and published its own rules of football. In 1863-1877, FA and Sheffield regulations coexisted. For example, when the team from Sheffield and the London representative met. They use both sets of regulations. After some disagreement, the two codes were united in 1877 when Sheffield chose to adopt FA regulations.

Even though Sheffield merged into the FA, that does not mean that his legacy is being put aside. In fact, many of the points in the Sheffield Rules have been used and applied in football to this day. Call it corner soccer rules, throw-in, to free kicks. He was once playing soccer using your head. Only, at that time, they were not familiar with the term penalty kick.

Unfortunately, in the modern era, not many people know about Sheffield. The reason is, their popularity is still inferior to Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, who are and have competed in the Premier League.