10 Smart Football Player with High Academy Degree

10 Smart Football Player with High Academy Degree

The intelligence of Football Players Off the Field

For those who enjoy football, a match can feature many beautiful moments that are genius.

Despite the series of actions on the pitch that leaves us standing from the stands, many people perceive football players to be uneducated athletes with high salaries and who do not invest themselves in education.

To break these stereotypes, we present a list of several football players who are both talented and highly educated.

1) Frank Lampard

Apart from being smart on the pitch, it turns out that this British legend has proven to be a genius.

In 2012, when he won the Champions League, Lampard got an IQ test worth 150, where only 0.1% of the world’s population has the value of this genius.

No wonder Lampard gets the call “Mr. Professor ”in the dressing room.

In fact, before becoming a professional player, Lampard received 12 GCSE certificates, including an A in Latin.

2) Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta

The Spanish legend, who won the World Cup and the European Cup, has an academic background outside the football field.

This Barcelona mainstay playmaker has degrees in Biology and also in Sports Science.

In addition, Iniesta is also qualified to become a teacher because he has an INEF certificate.

3) Romelu Lukaku

Apart from being strong and sharp in front of goal, in fact, this Belgian national team player can also understand many people.

The 190 cm center forward speaks fluently five languages, namely English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese.

The Inter Milan player has degrees in tourism as well as public relations.

4) Juan Mata

The Manchester United and Spain national team player is predicted to be one of his generation’s best central midfielders because of the flexibility he can play in.

Juan Mata studied since he was still playing in the Real Madrid youth team, to be precise, at the University of Madrid.

Even when he moved to England, Juan Mata did not stop studying.

Currently, Juan Mata has degrees in marketing, sports science, and physical education, and journalism.

5) Vincent Kompany

As captain of the Belgian national team, it is Kompany’s job to unite one team.

This is because Belgium is divided into two general language uses, namely Dutch and French.

Kompany can speak both languages ​​plus fluency in Spanish, English, Swahili, and Portuguese.

Apart from being smart linguistically, Kompany is also smart academically.

The former Manchester City center-back has a Masters’s degree in Business Administration.

Kompany graduated from the Alliance Manchester Business School in 2017.

6) Socrates

This Brazilian legend is not known as a midfielder full of magical skills and has a full philosophical reflection on what is happening around the world, especially in his hometown.

The Corinthians club captain introduced the concept of democracy to the Brazilian team, where everyone from top players to cleaners has equal expression.

He is a supporter of democratic reforms in Brazil that have succeeded in overthrowing a military government.

After retiring from football, Socrates managed to become a medical doctor.

He practices at Ribeirao Preto.

7) Andrey Arshavin

The former Russian national team player became famous in the late 2000s with Zenit St. Petersburg and Arsenal.

More than a greenfield star, she also shines in the world of fashion.

Arshavin has a degree in fashion designing.

The title that is owned is not playing games, namely Masters (S2).

Today, Arshavin is one of the best fashion designers in the country.

8) Arsene Wenger

The Arsenal legend manager attended university while still playing semi-professional football for the French club team, Mulhouse.

Wenger studied at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science at the University of Strasbourg.

Wenger earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

9) Giorgio Chiellini

Education has been felt important by this world-quality center-back.

Unlike most players who pursue an education before a career or after retirement, Chiellini is studying and having a football career.

The Italian national team player received his bachelor’s degree in 2010 in economics and commerce.

In 2017, the Juventus legend managed to earn a master’s degree in the same field.

10) Edwin van der Sar

The legendary goalkeeper of Manchester United and the Dutch national team is currently holding an important position at the Ajax Amsterdam club, namely CEO.

Previously, Edwin van der Sar was the Marketing Director of the most successful club in the Netherlands.

The position was obtained by Edwin van der Sar not only as a former Ajax player but because he had the necessary knowledge.

Currently, he has a bachelor’s degree in International Sports Management.

Not there yet, he is currently studying in the same field as the Masters or Masters level.