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Turks and Caicos Islands 0 - 8 Guyana
Nations League 2019-20 Qualifying
October 13th, 2018
TCIFA National Academy, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands


Sheldon Holder (7')
Emery Welshman (20')
Sheldon Holder (37')
Sheldon Holder (44')
Trayon Bobb (45'+2'')
Emery Welshman (69')
Kadell Daniel (77')
Emery Welshman (81') (pen)

Starting 11s

Pendieno Brooks
Jeff Beljour
Marc-donald Fenelus
Jepthe Francois
Alex Bryan
Billy Forbes
Ledson Jerome
Jack Watson
Herby Magny
Marco Fenelus
Dady Aristide
Kai McKenzie-Lyle
Sam Cox
Kevin Layne
Ronayne Marsh-Brown
Walter Moore
Daniel Wilson
Anthony Benfield
Kadell Daniel
Emery Welshman
Trayon Bobb
Sheldon Holder


Wildens Delva for Herby Magny (37')
James Rene for Alex Bryan (54')
Lenford Singh for Dady Aristide (73')
Kelsey Benjamin for Trayon Bobb (46')
Dellon Lanferman for Sheldon Holder (57')
Delwin Fraser for Emery Welshman (82')

Unused Substitutes

Louis McCleery
Jose Elcius
James Lee Louis
Akel Clarke
Jelani Smith
Vurlon Mills


Kelsey Benjamin (Yellow, 65')


Matt Barnes
Michael Johnson


Referee: Oliver Vergara (Panama)
Assistant Referee 1: Helpys Feliz (Dominican Republic)
Assistant Referee 2: Walter Cid Rodríguez (Dominican Republic)
Fourth official: José Kellys (Panama)