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Barbados 2 - 1 Martinique
March 26th, 2017
Usain Bolt Sports Complex, Saint Michael, Barbados


Rashad Jules (61')
Rashad Jules (68')
Stéphane Abaul (84')

Starting 11s

Dario Weir
Akeene Brown
Ranaldo Bailey
Teriq Highland
Alvin Chapman
Hadan Holligan
Mario Williams
Jamaal Chandler
Rashad Jules
Romario Harewood
Arantes Lawrence
Kevin Olimpa
Nicolas Zaïre
Florian Narcissot
Gérald Dondon
Karl Vitulin
Daniel Hérelle
Stéphane Abaul
Julien Faubert
Christophe Jougon
Gregory Pastel
Kévin Parsemain


Shakille Belle for Romario Harewood (13')
Zico Edmee for Arantes Lawrence (54')
Ackeel Applewhaite for Jamaal Chandler (59')
Elijah Downey for Rashad Jules (71')
Sheran Hoyte for Hadan Holligan (89')
Gérald Telga for Florian Narcissot (55')
Johnny Marajo for Gregory Pastel (66')
Yann Thimon for Christophe Jougon (75')

Unused Substitutes

Kishmar Primus
Akeem Hill
Jomo Harris
Raheim Sargeant
Loïc Chauvet
Josué Vega
Yordan Thimon
Fabien Octavia
Axel Thimon
Djénhael Maingé


Arantes Lawrence (Yellow, 15')
Rashad Jules (Yellow, 31')
Stéphane Abaul (Yellow, 31')
Julien Faubert (Red, 40')
Gérald Telga (Yellow, 73')
Yann Thimon (Yellow, 79')


Colin Harewood
Jean-Marc Civault

Notes: Martinique trainer Jean-Victor Lavril was sent off in the 88th minute for entering the field of play and protesting a refereeing decision.

Referee: Moet Gaymes (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
Assistant Referee 1: Clifton Garnes (Barbados)
Assistant Referee 2: Adrian Goddard (Barbados)
Fourth official: Gillian Martindale (Barbados)
Match Commissioner: