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Saint Kitts and Nevis 0 - 2 Haiti (AET)
Caribbean Cup 2017 - Third Round - Group 2
November 13th, 2016
Warner Park, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis


Wild-donald Guerrier (103')
Duckens Nazon (119')

Starting 11s

Julani Archibald
Atiba Harris
Thrizen Leader
Lois Maynard
Gerard Williams
Jason St Juste
Theo Wharton
Javeim Blanchette
Zeph Thomas
Carlos Bertie
Harrison Panayiotou
Johnny Placide
Carlens Arcus
Ricardo Ade
Mechak Jerome
Alex Christian
Kevin Lafrance
Réginal Goreux
Charles Herold
Derrick Etienne
Duckens Nazon
Wild-donald Guerrier


Kennedy Isles for Carlos Bertie (57')
Devaughn Elliott for Atiba Harris (66')
Kimaree Rogers for Zeph Thomas (91')
Jonel Désiré for Derrick Etienne (73')
Roberto Louima for Kevin Lafrance (82')
Junior Delva for Charles Herold (110')

Unused Substitutes

Jamal Francis
Vidal Hendrickson
Alain Sargeant
Tahir Hanley
Luis Valendi Odelus
Paulson Pierre
Waldo Vernet
Fabien Vorbe


Gerard Williams (Yellow, 56')
Javeim Blanchette (Yellow, 83')
Theo Wharton (Yellow, 104')
Jason St Juste (Red, 106')
Julani Archibald (Yellow, 106')
Duckens Nazon (Yellow, 20')
Ricardo Ade (Yellow, 105')
Mechak Jerome (Yellow, 105'+1')
Kevin Lafrance (Yellow, 106')


Jacques Passy
Patrice Neveu


Referee: Johannes Dolaini (Suriname)
Assistant Referee 1: Zachari Zeegelaar (Suriname)
Assistant Referee 2: Kenroy Willis (Cayman Islands)
Fourth official: Swason Owen (Cayman Islands)
Match Commissioner: Gwendolyn Salmon (Antigua and Barbuda)