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Aruba *0 - 0 Curaçao
ABCS Tournament
January 30th, 2015
Dr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion, Paramaribo, Suriname


Starting 11s

Matthew Lentink
Dirk van Leenen
Theric Ruiz
Raymond Baten
Leroy Oehlers
Derwin Donato
Alex Hassel
Erik Santos de Gouveia
Steve Escalona
Jeanpierre Fingal
John Lugay
Marcello Pisas
Sorandley Tomsjansen
Curtly Hooi
Curly Hooi
Christopher Isenia
Keke de Mey
Elberry Hariquez
Andruw Stokkel
Kenneth Kunst
Geryon Alberto
Jurensley Martina


Jean-Luc Bergen for ????? ????? (??')
Ezra Bosnie for ????? ????? (??')
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Giovanni Franken
Norman Girigorie

Notes: Aruba won 5-3 on penalties. Thanks to Dirk Weschta for the information. Curaçao were effectively represented by club champions Centro Barber in this tournament (including their manager), but excluded all foreign nationals playing for the club and were bolstered by a handful of Curaçaoan players from other local clubs.

Referee: Johannes Dolaini (Suriname)
Assistant Referee 1:
Assistant Referee 2:
Fourth official:

Penalties (Aruba shot first):

Aruba: Jean-Luc Bergen (G), ????? ????? (G), ????? ????? (G), ????? ????? (G), ????? ????? (G)

Curaçao (order unknown): Kenneth Kunst (G), Jurensley Martina (G), Christopher Isenia (G), Andruw Stokkel (M)