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Guadeloupe 0 - 1 Martinique
Tournoi des Antilles-Guyane
April 19th, 2014
Stade René Serge Nabajoth, Les Abymes, Guadeloupe


Anthony Angély (11')

Starting 11s

Kenny Magloire
Kévin Edom
Jeremie Valmy
Manuel Serman
Mathias Babel
Wladimir Pascal
Fabien Beral
Sébastien Lobry
Edwing Malpon
Rudy Vouteau
Claudy Urcel
Emmanuel Vermignon
Nicolas Zaïre
Jordy Delem
Wilson Nattes
Sébastien Lepel
Daniel Hérelle
Sébastien Crétinoir
Stéphane Abaul
Mathias Coureur
Gael Germany
Anthony Angély


Cédric Vamur for Kévin Edom (46')
Neil Roche for Rudy Vouteau (46')
Marc Arbau for Claudy Urcel (46')
Jérémy Breslau for Jeremie Valmy (52')
Wilhem Severin for Sébastien Lobry (60')
Christophe Houelche for Fabien Beral (79')
José Goron for Gael Germany (60')
Karl Vitulin for Stéphane Abaul (60')
Cyril Dijon for Jordy Delem (69')
Andy Bodézon for Sébastien Lepel (76')
Josué Joseph-Rose for Anthony Angély (83')
Lionel Victoire for Mathias Coureur (85')

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Steve Bizasene
Louis Marianne

Notes: Thanks to France Antilles for the information.. French Guiana beat ASC Siroco (Guadeloupe) 3-0 in the other match played in this Tournament. This was not a Final (both sides won their first match), rather Guadeloupe and ASC Siroco were to face both visiting teams, but not each other.

Referee: ????? Laurent (Guadeloupe)
Assistant Referee 1: ????? Galantine (Guadeloupe)
Assistant Referee 2: ????? Antoine (Guadeloupe)
Fourth official: