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Trinidad and Tobago 3 - 0 Suriname
Caribbean Cup 2012 - Group 8
November 16th, 2012
Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet, Trinidad and Tobago


Seon Power (35')
Richard Roy (49')
Aubrey David (88')

Starting 11s

Jan Michael Williams
Kern Cupid
Carlyle Mitchell
Seon Power
Joevin Jones
Keyon Edwards
Densill Theobald
Aubrey David
Hashim Arcia
Hughton Hector
Richard Roy
Ronny Aloema
Giovanni Alleyne
Joel Baja
Naldo Kwasie
Guno Kwasie
Romano Stekkel
Stefano Baneti
Emilio Limon
Giovanni Waal
Wilfried Galimo
Stefano Rijssel


Kareem Moses for Carlyle Mitchell (60')
Ataullah Guerra for Hashim Arcia (72')
Clyde Leon for Richard Roy (77')
Jurmen Vallei for Stefano Baneti (62')
Giovanni Drenthe for Giovanni Waal (67')
Iwan Pinas for Wilfried Galimo (80')

Unused Substitutes

Marvin Phillip
Curtis Gonzales
Kevon Carter
Devorn Jorsling
Obrendo Huiswoud
Jetro Fer
Furgill Ong A Fat
Evani Esperance


Carlyle Mitchell (Yellow, 21')
Richard Roy (Yellow, 32')
Romano Stekkel (Yellow, 40')


Hutson Charles
Kenneth Jaliens


Referee: Alain Georges (Haiti)
Assistant Referee 1: Swason Owen (Cayman Islands)
Assistant Referee 2: Rollin Tappin (Guyana)
Fourth official: Courtney Campbell (Jamaica)
Match Commissioner: Alain Soreze (Guadeloupe)