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Réunion 2 - 0 French Guiana
September 22nd, 2012
Stade de Montbauron, Versailles, France


Jean-Michel Fontaine (5')
Éric Faro (38')

Starting 11s

Mathieu Pelops
Johan Lionel
Alexandre Delnard
Djamali Ali
Sébastien K’Bidy
Roberto Elcaman
Bertrand Bador
Éric Faro
Gaël Payet
Anthony Palany
Jean-Michel Fontaine
André Pikentio
Atooman Dominique
Mickaël Rimane
Laurent Ringuet
Samuel Sophie
Rhudy Evens
Serge Lespérance
Raymond Jean-Jacques
François Sampain
Orphéo Nalie
Cléberson Martins dos Santos


Gérard Hubert for Djamali Ali (70')
Mickaël Vallant for Jean-Michel Fontaine (76')
Mohamed El Madaghri for Anthony Palany (76')
Christopher Pythie for Éric Faro (90')
Gary Pigree for François Sampain (46')
Stéphan Clet for Orphéo Nalie (46')
Gérard Claire for Atooman Dominique (60')
Miguel Haabo for Raymond Jean-Jacques (76')

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Atooman Dominique (Yellow, 59')
André Pikentio (Yellow, 84')


Jean-Pierre Bade
Jean-René Chocho

Notes: French Guiana manager Steeve Falgayrettes was suspended for this match. Mohamed El Madaghri missed a penalty in the 85th minute, hitting the post.

Referee: Bruno Gaetan Fouquet (Martinique)
Assistant Referee 1: Ahamed Issmaila (Mayotte)
Assistant Referee 2: Yoann Benoît (France)
Fourth official: