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Montserrat 1 - 7 Suriname
Caribbean Cup 2012 - Group 3
September 5th, 2012
Stade Georges-Gratiant, Le Lamentin, Martinique


Kendall Allen (48')
Giovanni Waal (3')
Giovanni Waal (11')
Romano Sordam (16')
Jurmen Vallei (39')
Giovanni Drenthe (45')
Stefano Rijssel (85')
Stefano Rijssel (90')

Starting 11s

Dean Byfield
Kendall Allen
Marlon Campbell
Ellis Remy
Leovan O'Garro
Dean Mason
Darryl Roach
Alexander Bramble
Terrell Miller
Junior Mendes
Jaylee Hodgson
Ronny Aloema
Gillermo Faerber
Jetro Fer
Jurmen Vallei
Guno Kwasie
Emilio Limon
Giovanni Waal
Vitorinio Pinas
Romano Sordam
Stefano Rijssel
Giovanni Drenthe


Nyron Dyer for Darryl Roach (37')
Kelvin Ponde for Terrell Miller (46')
Dale Lee for Junior Mendes (89')
Giovanni Alleyne for Jetro Fer (49')
Romano Stekkel for Emilio Limon (64')
Ives Vlijter for Giovanni Drenthe (75')

Unused Substitutes

Bradley Woods-Garness
Clifford Newby-Harris
Jermaine Sweeney
McPherson Meade
Donovan Loswijk
Manuel Kowid
Naldo Kwasie
Wilfried Galimo


Jurmen Vallei (Yellow, 65')


Kenny Dyer
Ricardo Winter

Notes: Thanks to Steve Torres for the information.

Referee: Rudolph Angela (Aruba)
Assistant Referee 1: Jason Colina (Aruba)
Assistant Referee 2: Egbert Paesch (Aruba)
Fourth official: Wilson Da Costa (Bahamas)