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Grenada 1 - 1 French Guiana
Caribbean Cup 2012 - Group 6
November 14th, 2012
Grenada National Stadium, St. George's, Grenada


Craig Rocastle (33')
Gary Pigree (90')

Starting 11s

Shemel Louison
Dave Cyrus
Cassim Langaigne
Marc Marshall
Michael Mark
Anthony Straker
Raymond Alleyne
Craig Rocastle
Moron Phillip
Kitson Bain
Clive Murray
Laurent Petchy
Gary Marigard
Samuel Sophie
Marvin Torvic
David Martinon
Warren Ho Méou Choune
Raymond Jean-Jacques
Serge Lespérance
Marc-Frédéric Habran
Jean-Claude Darcheville
Gary Pigree


Dwayne Leo for Raymond Alleyne (51')
Bradley Bubb for Clive Murray (67')
Kimron Redhead for Craig Rocastle (86')
Stanley Ridel for Marc-Frédéric Habran (46')
Eric Martinon for Samuel Sophie (75')
Stéphan Clet for David Martinon (82')

Unused Substitutes

Desmond Noel
Henson Cuffie
Kevin Edwards
Rickel Augustine
Jean-Beaunel Petit-Homme
Jordan Emmanuel
Miguel Haabo


Anthony Straker (Yellow, 62')
Dwayne Leo (Yellow, 80')
Marvin Torvic (Yellow, 32')
Jean-Claude Darcheville (Yellow, 34')


Alister Debellotte
Hubert Contout/Franšois-Louis Marie

Notes: Thanks to Steve Torres for the information.

Referee: Javier Jauregui (Curašao)
Assistant Referee 1: Pablo de Avila (Curašao)
Assistant Referee 2: Anthony John (Saint Lucia)
Fourth official: Osiel Nu˝ez (Cuba)