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French Guiana 2 - 1 Suriname
June 9th, 2012
Stade de Baduel, Cayenne, French Guiana


Roy Contout (15')
Cléberson Martins dos Santos (54')
Giovanni Waal (80')

Starting 11s

Rudy Merille
Atooman Dominique
Gérard Claire
Mickaël Rimane
Johann Appolinaire
Ludovic Baal
Serge Lespérance
Lesly Malouda
Rhudy Evens
Cléberson Martins dos Santos
Roy Contout
Ronny Aloema
Jetro Fer
Guno Kwasie
Gillermo Faerber
Jurmen Vallei
Romano Sordam
Vitorinio Pinas
Romano Stekkel
Giovanni Waal
Romeo Jomena
Giovanni Drenthe


Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Steeve Falgayrettes
Ricardo Winter

Notes: Thanks to Dirk Weschta for the information.

French Guiana squad (incomplete): Roy Contout, Ludovic Baal, Cléberson Martins dos Santos

Suriname squad: Ronny Aloema, Manuel Kowid, Giovanni Alleyne, Gillermo Faerber, Jetro Fer, Guno Kwasie, Naldo Kwasie, Sersinho Reding, Wirinder Somai, Jurmen Vallei, Giovanni Drenthe, Vitorinio Pinas, Romano Sordam, Romano Stekkel, Ives Vlijter, Romeo Jomena, Stefano Rijssel, Giovanni Waal.