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French Guiana 1 - 2 Haiti
September 16th, 2012
Stade de Baduel, Cayenne, French Guiana


Gary Pigree (85')
Fritznel Louis (27')
Walson Augustin (62')

Starting 11s

Rudy Merille
Atooman Dominique
Mickaël Rimane
Laurent Ringuet
Samuel Sophie
Rhudy Evens
Serge Lespérance
Raymond Jean-Jacques
François Sampain
Orphéo Nalie
Cléberson Martins dos Santos
Frandy Montrevil
Paulin Jean
Jean Garry Rubin
Olrish Saurel
Raymond Ednerson
Alain Vubert
Monuma Constant
Peter Germain
Wedson Anselme
Joseph Geraldy
Fritznel Louis


Stéphan Clet for ????? ????? (??')
Gary Pigree for ????? ????? (75')
Unknown/To Come
Walson Augustin for ????? ????? (??')
Unknown/To Come

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Hubert Contout/Jean-René Chocho
Israel Blake Cantero

Notes: French Guiana manager Steeve Falgayrettes was suspended for this match. Thanks to Dirk Weschta for the information.