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Grenada 2 - 2 Antigua and Barbuda
May 27th, 2011
Grenada National Stadium, St. George's, Grenada


Clive Murray (3')
Clive Murray (47')
Randolph Burton (51')
Kemoy Alexander (73')

Starting 11s

Shemel Louison
Shane Rennie
Bradley Bubb
Ricky Charles
Patrick Modeste
Dave Cyrus
Anthony Straker
Clive Murray
Anthony Modeste
Leon Johnson
Marcus Julien
Keita DeCastro
Dave Carr
Akeem Thomas
Roy Gregory
Karanja Mack
Lawson Robinson
Quinton Griffith
Tamarley Thomas
Randolph Burton
Peter Byers
Kerry Skepple


Desmond Noel for Shemel Louison (46')
Shanon Phillip for Dave Cyrus (46')
Kyle Joseph for Bradley Bubb (46')
Marc Marshall for Leon Johnson (46')
Cassim Langaigne for Anthony Straker (60')
Dwayne Leo for Patrick Modeste (63')
Moron Phillip for Marcus Julien (74')
Molvin James for Keita DeCastro (45')
Alex Phillip for Lawson Robinson (55')
Gayson Gregory for Randolph Burton (63')
Ranja Christian for Peter Byers (72')
Kemoy Alexander for ????? ????? (??')

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Akeem Thomas (Yellow, 46')
Kerry Skepple (Yellow, 69')


Mike Adams
Rowan Benjamin

Notes: Thanks to Steve Torres and Lester Smith for the match information.

Referee: Valman Bedeau (Grenada)
Assistant Referee 1: Finbar Charles (Grenada)
Assistant Referee 2: Allison Phillip (Grenada)
Fourth official: Kelvin Hector (Grenada)