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Antigua and Barbuda 1 - 2 Martinique
October 2nd, 2011
Stanford Cricket Ground, Osbourn, Antigua and Barbuda


Peter Byers (80')
Olivier Attely (2')
Kévin Tresfield (65')

Starting 11s

Javid Joseph
George Dublin
Akeem Thomas
Ranja Christian
Karanja Mack
Troy Mellanson
Tamarley Thomas
Kemoy Alexander
Quinton Griffith
Kerry Skepple
Gayson Gregory
Dominique Massolin
Nicolas Zaïre
Sébastien Crétinoir
Ulrick Cilis
Olivier Attely
Stanley Anglio
Jorick Ephestion
Wilson Nattes
Kévin Tresfield
Michaël Polomat
Jacky Berdix


Randolph Burton for Gayson Gregory (46')
Peter Byers for Karanja Mack (46')
Elvis Thomas for Quinton Griffith (68')
Melvin James for Kemoy Alexander (79')
José Goron for Wilson Nattes (46')
Stéphane Abaul for Jacky Berdix (75')

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Kerry Skepple (Yellow, 45')


Tom Curtis
Patrick Cavelan

Notes: Thanks to Steve Torres for the match information. Peter Byers missed a penalty for Antigua and Barbuda in the match.

Referee: Bryan Willett (Antigua and Barbuda)