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Suriname 0 - 2 Guyana
Caribbean Cup 2010 - Group C
October 17th, 2010
André Kamperveen Stadion, Paramaribo, Suriname


Walter Moore (17') (pen)
Devon Millington (90')

Starting 11s

Obrendo Huiswoud
Derrick Garden
Marlon Felter
Foline Abauna
Emilio Limon
Ives Vlijter
Stefano Rijssel
Stefano Baneti
Wensley Christoph
Kenneth Moennoe
Naldo Kwasie
Ronson Williams
Charles Pollard
Howard Lowe
Walter Moore
Jake Newton
Dwight Peters
Dwain Jacobs
Chris Bourne
John Rodrigues
Anthony Abrams
Dwayne Ali


Jermain van Dijk for Emilio Limon (58')
Galgyto Talea for Wensley Christoph (64')
Reguillio Kemper for Stefano Rijssel (76')
Philbert Moffat for Dwight Peters (67')
Shawn Beveney for Dwayne Ali (76')
Devon Millington for Anthony Abrams (84')

Unused Substitutes

Sergio Moentari
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Stefano Baneti (Yellow, 6')
Marlon Felter (Yellow, 21')
John Rodrigues (Yellow, 30')
Walter Moore (Yellow, 33')
????? ????? (Yellow, ??')


Ricardo Winter
Wayne Dover


Referee: Lee Davis (Trinidad and Tobago)
Assistant Referee 1: Dion Neil (Trinidad and Tobago)
Assistant Referee 2: Ainsley Rochard (Trinidad and Tobago)
Fourth official: Ignatius Jno Baptiste (Dominica)
Match Commissary: Dale Spencer (Jamaica)