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Guadeloupe 1 - 0 Antigua and Barbuda
Caribbean Cup 2010 - Group I
December 1st, 2010
Stade En Camée, Rivière-Pilote, Martinique


Jean-Luc Lambourde (41')

Starting 11s

Yohan Bus
Eddy Viator
Jean-Luc Lambourde
Ulrick Lupede
Stéphane Auvray
Michaël Niçoise
Gregory Gendrey
Cédric Collet
Livio Nabab
Julien Ictoi
Loïc Loval
Molvin James
George Dublin
Joshua Parker
Dave Carr
Ranja Christian
Marvin McCoy
Karanja Mack
Desmond Bleau
Akeem Thomas
Gayson Gregory
Peter Byers


Kevin Lacroix for Ulrick Lupede (46')
Larry Clavier for Cédric Collet (69')
Dominique Mocka for Michaël Niçoise (80')
Randolph Burton for Ranja Christian (62')
Kerry Skepple for Desmond Bleau (74')
Jamie Thomas for Peter Byers (90')

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Cédric Collet (Yellow, 32')
Loïc Loval (Yellow, 67')
Stéphane Auvray (Yellow, 75')
Livio Nabab (Yellow, 87')
Ranja Christian (Yellow, 23')
Dave Carr (Yellow, 33')
Akeem Thomas (Yellow, 49')
Marvin McCoy (Yellow, 71')
Dave Carr (Yellow, 86' (S/O))


Roger Salnot
Rowan Benjamin

Notes: Antigua and Barbuda's Justin Cochrane and Kieran Murtagh were suspended for this match due to accumulation of yellow cards.

Referee: Walter Lopez (Guatemala)
Assistant Referee 1: Dion Neil (Trinidad and Tobago)
Assistant Referee 2: Graeme Browne (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Fourth official: Carlisle Ignatius Jno. Baptiste (Dominica)
Match Commissary: Hubert Isenia (Netherlands Antilles)