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Antigua and Barbuda 2 - 1 Guyana
Parbo Bier Cup 2009
June 3rd, 2009
André Kamperveen Stadion, Paramaribo, Suriname


Kelly Fredericks (79')
Quinton Griffith (90')
Peter Parks (34')

Starting 11s

Molvin James
Roy Gregory
Dave Carr
George Dublin
Ranja Christian
Winston Roberts
Akeem Thomas
Teran Williams
Quinton Griffith
Schyan Jeffers
Jamie Thomas
Peter Parks
Howard Lowe
Edison Gomes
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Kelly Fredericks for ????? ????? (??')
Unknown/To Come

Unused Substitutes

Unknown/To Come
Unknown/To Come


Unknown/To Come
Edison Gomes (Yellow, ??')
Edison Gomes (Yellow, ??' (S/O))
Unknown/To Come


Rowan Benjamin
Paul James

Notes: Apologies for the lack of information. Thanks to Dirk Weschta for the Antigua and Barbuda information.

Antigua and Barbuda's squad: Molvin James, Keita DeCastro, Javid Joseph, George Dublin (c), Winston Roberts, Dave Carr, Desmond Bleau, Roy Gregory, Damien Farrell, Ranja Christian, Schyan Jeffers, Akeem Thomas, Teran Williams, Ken Pennyfeather, Albert Michael, Dia Martin, Quintin Griffith, Troy Mellanson, Tash Harris, Jamie Thomas, Kelly Fredericks, Randolph Burton, and Oral Roberts.

Guyana's squad: Akel Clarke, Shemroy Arthur, Richie Richards, Howard Lowe (c), Quincy Madramootoo, Devon Harris, Kurt Bristol, Keron Camreon, Travis Henry, Colin Nelson, Tyson Carmichael, Rishawn Sandiford, Travis Grant, Emrick Williams, Philbert Moffatt, Sceyon Hope, Glenovan Edmonds, Waren Gilkes, Dwain Jacobs, Dirk Archer, Edison Gomes, Delroy Deen, Clive Andries, Peter Parks, Dwight Peters, and Adrian Adams.