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Suriname 3 - 1 Dominica
Caribbean Championships 2008 - Group B
August 9th, 2008
Blairmont Ground, Berbice, Guyana


Marlon Felter (18')
Clifton Sandvliet (54')
Ferdinand Jap A Joe (81')
Prince Austrie (7')

Starting 11s

Ronny Aloema
Ferdinand Jap A Joe
Derrick Garden
Marlon Felter
Hesron Jeroe
Romano Sordam
Kenzo Huur
Vangelino Sastrodimedjo
Wensley Christoph
Clifton Sandvliet
Geovanni Tiendali
Glenson Prince
Imran Gage
Prince Austrie
Jerome Thomas
Lester Langlais
Mitchell Joseph
Kurlson Benjamin
Kimon Joseph
Paul Victor
Pharo Cuffy
Euclid Bertrand


Lorenzo Wiebers for Kenzo Huur (64')
Melvin Valies for Geovanni Tiendali (65')
Gary Sordjo for Wensley Christoph (83')
Wayne George for Pharo Cuffy (62')
Chestin Dangleben for Mitchell Joseph (66')
Kerry Alleyne for Kurlson Benjamin (79')

Unused Substitutes

Jermain Van Dijk
Rinaldo Lupson
Earsan Fontaine
Eleme Nelson
Macaza White


Hesron Jeroe (Yellow, 73')
Geovanni Tiendali (Yellow, 86')
Paul Victor (Yellow, 17')
Imran Gage (Red, 20')


Kenneth Jaliens
Christopher Erickson

Notes: Thanks to CONCACAF.com for some of the information. Dominica's Colin Bernard was suspended for this match.

Referee: Trevor Taylor (Barbados)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeremy Taylor (Barbados)
Assistant Referee 2: Andrew Belgrave (Barbados)
Fourth Official: Mark Forde (Barbados)