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Jamaica 2 - 0 Guadeloupe
Caribbean Championships 2008 - Semifinal
December 11th, 2008
Independence Park (The Office), Kingston, Jamaica


Oneil Thompson (11')
Luton Shelton (57')

Starting 11s

Donovan Ricketts
Oneil Thompson
Luton Shelton
Andy Williams
Eric Vernan
Rudolph Austin
Demar Phillips
Jason Morrison
Tyrone Marshall
Demar Stewart
Dane Richards
Franck Grandel
Willy Laurence
Alain Vertot
Cédric Avinel
Ludovic Quistin
Xavier Bématol
Stéphane Auvray
Jean-Luc Lambourde
Gregory Gendrey
Wilfrid Loizeau
Mickaël Antoine-Curier


Dwayne Miller for Donovan Ricketts (38')
Rafe' Wolfe for Demar Phillips (70')
Keneil Moodie for Andy Williams (77')
Livio Nabab for Xavier Bématol (64')
Vidian Valerius for Wilfrid Loizeau (70')
Cedric Vanoukia for Mickaël Antoine-Curier (87')

Unused Substitutes

Shavar Thomas
Omar Cummings
O'Brian Woodbine
Roland Dean
Médhy Lina
Fabrice Mercury
Lery Hannany
Fabien Jérome
Michaël Niçoise


Jean-Luc Lambourde (Yellow, 26')
Vidian Valerius (Yellow, 73')
Vidian Valerius (Yellow, 82' (S/O))


John Barnes
Roger Salnot

Notes: Thanks to Digicel Football for some of the info.

Referee: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador)
Assistant Referee 1: Ramon Louisville (Suriname)
Assistant Referee 2: Graeme Browne (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Fourth official: Mark Forde (Barbados)