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Guadeloupe 3 - 1 Martinique
Caribbean Championships 2008 - Group F
October 15th, 2008
Stade René Serge Nabajoth, Les Abymes, Guadeloupe


Loïc Loval (40')
Mickael Antoine-Curier (47')
Ludovic Gotin (88')
Eric Sabin (18')

Starting 11s

Franck Grandel
Ludovic Quistin
Fabien Jérome
Alain Vertot
Loïc Loval
Gregory Gendrey
Ludovic Gotin
Mickael Antoine-Curier
David Fleurival
Jean-Luc Lambourde
Willy Laurence
Eddy Heurlié
Stéphane Suédile
Marc-Harry Codassé
Johan Deluge
Daniel Hérelle
Rodrigue Audel
Arnold Polomat
Xavier Bullet
Kévin Saint-Louis-Augustin
Patrick Percin
Eric Sabin


Cédric Collet for Gregory Gendrey (46')
Médhy Lina for Loïc Loval (80')
Gilles Dan for Mickael Antoine-Curier (90')
Kévin Parsemain for Xavier Bullet (58')
Yannick Ancarno for Arnold Polomat (75')
Mickaël Chosrova for Daniel Hérelle (80')

Unused Substitutes

Miguel Comminges
Marius Fausta
Lery Hannany
Kevin Delannay
Arnaud Hugues des Etages
Jean-Michel Michaud


Alain Vertot (Yellow, 11')
Mickael Antoine-Curier (Yellow, 50')
Patrick Percin (Yellow, 19')
Patrick Percin (Yellow, 90' (S/O))


Roger Salnot
Guy-Michel Nisas

Notes: Thanks to Digicel Football, CONCACAF.com, and Antilles Sport for some of the information. Martinique's Steeve Gustan and Miguel Smeralda were suspended for this match.

Referee: Roy McArthur (Guyana)
Assistant Referee 1: Dion Neil (Trinidad and Tobago)
Assistant Referee 2: Rollin Tappin (Guyana)
Fourth official: Martin Charles (Dominica)