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French Guiana 0 - 2 Réunion
Coupe de l'Outre-mer - Group 1
October 1st, 2008
Stade Henri Longuet, Viry-Chatillon, France


Eric Farro (2')
Quentin Boesso (45') (pen)

Starting 11s

Rudy Merille
Cléton Asenko
Gérard Claire
Laurent Ringuet
Henrique Smail
Jean-Michel Maxwell
Raymond Jean-Jacques
Serge Lespérance
David Martinon
Ambel Difou
Quency Yemounou
Emmanuel Ledoyen
William Mounoussamy
Jean Noel Ajorque
Frederic Nativel
Johan Palma
Pascal N'Gongue
Eric Farro
Olivier Gastrin
Michel Fontaine
Quentin Boesso
Mamoudou Diallo


Mickaël Careme for Ambel Difou (45')
Mario Clothilde for Raymond Jean-Jacques (73')
Claude Dambury for Yemounou Quency (79')
Gaël Payet for Mamoudou Diallo (48')
Nicolas Hoarau for Johan Palma (59')
Gérard Hubert for Olivier Gastrin (59')

Unused Substitutes

Wilson Lecante
Rhudy Evens
Mickael Rimane
Karl Boecasse
Thierry Gorée
Johan Lionel
Didier Caro
Roberto Elcaman


Gérard Claire (Yellow, 26')
Rudy Merille (Red, 45')
Gérard Claire (Yellow, 71' (S/O))
Quentin Boesso (Yellow, 31')
Frederic Nativel (Yellow, 50')


Gislain Zulémaro
Jean-Pierre Bade

Notes: Thanks to Clicanoo (Réunion) for the information. Rudy Merille fouled Mamoudou Diallo to recieve a red card and give away the penalty, which Quentin Boesso scored, in the 45th minute.

Referee: M. Christian