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December 2nd, 2012

"We want to play, but not under these administrators"

6th February 2013 ................. IS THE NEXT FIFA Friendly match date WHICH MEANS NEGOTIATIONS WOULD NEED TO BE TAKING PLACE NOW TO SECURE A OPPONENT AND LOCATION FOR THE FIXTURE, it will not surprise me if the federation make no effort to arrange anything, collect their monthly monies and continues to exist.

For years and decades, this administration has not progressed, shown no vision and provided no solid foundation for its national athletes to progress and succeed in football.

This is purely based on vision and future for the football in Guyana and its players at all level and ages.

The last 12 months has been the most marketable period for the Guyana National Team, and the federation has failed miserably. The team created history.....by reaching the stage of world cup qualification, however the federation never matched the progression of the on field and were so lacksidasical in their preparation that they could not bring Mexico to Guyanese soil, and ended up being dictated to by external entities and until now cannot release a figure for how much the game was sold for and how much money was made?

With foresight, efficiency, effort, vision and desire, they could have been more than prepared to host Mexico in a manner that would have been fruitful to the Guyanese public, the economy and the federation. The players were not consulted regarding the change of location, nor informed why the fixture was changed, not provided any financial benefit from the sale of the fixture.

Mr. Rutherford does not possess the computer skills necessary to be administrative in a era where everything is web and internet based. Fast accurate iT skills are essential for progression.

The commitment and dedication of the players to country is unquestionable. Every player wears the shirt with pride, and relishes to opportunity to represent the Guyana people on the national stage, however these guys have under performed from a administrative stand point for far too long and its time for change of personnel.

FIFA should [be] regularly testing administrators. I say this because FIFA provides the federation with approximately US$250,000 a year,...plenty money and a clever person knows how to invest money and allows money to make more money, a foolish person spends all. Our federation time and time again seems to represent that of the foolish mind set.

Every little money earned from the performance of the team and sponsors incentives has to be sucked by the federation to repay debt because they do not have a productive plan and strategy of marketing to attract sponsors and investment. The federation also claim, the Guyana businesses do not support football. I do not believe this, I believe the businesses know the corruption within the personnel within the federation and whilst willing to help the team do not want to work alongside the current personnel in the federation.

Sport is a valuable tool in society, it allows youths to obtain a career in something they love instead of settling for a life of crime to survive. If they cannot see this path, how are they to believe.

Please feel free to contact all of the players for interviews and statements we are all committed to Guyana and want to continue to do so, however we feel ourselves and the public deserve more competent individuals to handle the football administration shaping the future for the national team and the youths.

The commendable action would be for these individuals to humbly accept that football has progressed much quicker than they had foreseen and they are no longer capable of seeing the team in the direction it is heading. At the age of retirement and more than 4 years in position it is not visible to now obtain the skills and knowledge that are needed in current football administration. It is a vicious fast moving business now, and Guyana have been competing against some of the best. Competing was once good enough but not anymore, the country has the potential to be consistent dominant winners, champions, leaders.

The federation paves the foundation for this achievement. Now more than anytime we need a federation budding with energetic work horses not very comfortable retirees.

November 29th, 2012

Kayode McKinnon Speaks on Players' Issues with GFF

Leadership is the ability to fully inspire others through passion and vision to reach a specific goal. A good leader subconsiously prompts others to let their light shine because the light that they see from you. The current administration of the Guyana Football Federation have failed to do this in my opinion. I have played many years for the national team, witnessing many players dedicate their lives and even sacrifice families and jobs to represent their country. I am not here to judge mens character because we are not perfect and we will never be, however I do believe that there is greatness and good motive in all mankind, but as a leader it is our responsibility to ensure that lives are set on course for greatness and the evidence has shown that this team of executives have not achieved this to date. For me I am more concern about the future because we cannot do anything about the past. Guyana football federation is very consistent in how operations are being run because what most of the players are saying now is what was there long before us with little or no benefits added. The future is not looking bright for kids who trust and love the GFF that demonstrate little aptitude for the sport.

On the otherhand i am cognazant of the fact I cannot and will not demand a resignation of officers who have serve in the best possible way they can serve but would ask them to really look at what they have done over the years and the results and make the best decision to step down. In our country we are thought to hold on to power because it is about pride not productivity and development, but i ask you to change this and do the respectful and selfless thing.

The best of them have call you to accountability and yes you have done many great things with the resources you have, but a good leader makes no excuses, he or she will find solutions but it is clear that you have fail the players, their families, their communities and country at large not because you are not great people but your approach did not work and is still not working.

The most recent jags have done well under great work from the coaching staff and players led by jamal Shabazz, but we easily forget the past players, so we create no roll models for the future and it will be the same when we would have left the game. We have past national captains and players having to beg for tickets to come to international games in our own country, we forget to honour these faces even after they have left us on a regular basis. Our parents have to ask for a invitation to a international game even some have to sit in the stands while thoes not even directly link to the games sit in vip and presidential suites. I might not be right but the players are who make this game and they should always be treated with the dignity and respect like any other professional personality.

To whom much is given, much is required, dont be stiff neck and kick bricks, a time to live and a time to die, a time to stand ,and a time to sit, a time to stay and a time to go. You have run your course like true warriors but do the respectful thing forget the expensive luxury trips, the money and the five star hotels and allow fresh, vibrant blood, new vision and energy to run with the future of our football.

To players, coaches, managers, sub associations, fans and media stand up for the ones who have no one to stand up for them, take a page out of the people of Linden's book, led by young,vibrant and energetic chairman Mr. Sharma Solomon so change would come all for the love of the game.

Kayode Mckinnon

November 24th, 2012

UPDATE: GFF response does nothing to clarify any of the issues

Editor's Note: The following press release from the players of the Guyana national team comes on the heels of the GFF's response in the Kaieteur News to the previous issues raised by these players.

The eve before the caribbean tournament started, the team were issued a document named "Appointment Letter". The content of this letter alongside the timing that the letter was produced most certainly brings into question the support the federation has for the success of the team. Verbally im sure everyone will give the correct response, however these actions are something completely the opposite. The decision was made for the team to progress to the second stage, however this kind of "action" and i emphasise the term "action" is nothing but a negative deterrent from any kind of support or regards for success.

The letter states that despite a written agreement made in Houston Texas the GFF has decided to double cross the players and go back on their word and write the players telling them they will not receive part of the agreement. The timing of this is directly before the build up to a huge tournament.....?

It is unacceptable to break this agreement. Atleast 3 players have been paid this money already in error by management staff however they were only acting as per the agreement and were not aware of the intent of the federation to double cross the players..

As a result of this letter, we had a much weaker team as players quite right fully made a stand based on principle and refused to accept the invitation. Valuable experienced players were missing and whilst there are youth who can give a valiant effort in their absence, you do not win anything with youth alone, experience wins tournaments and championships and that is proven within sport at all levels. My intention of the team is not to solely compete, it is to WIN. The federation seems to set a precedent of "going through the motions", saying the correct things verbally but not taking the correct steps in ACTION to be successful. Competing with a hope of success but without providing the necessary platforms for this to be achieved.

The numbers presented that were presented to the team as a incentive were disrespectful and insulting to all the players and staff. i cannot elaborate any further on that, it is absolutely disgraceful. US$12 for a win or draw per person and $1.50 per goal. It is one thing if the federation has not positioned themselves in a situation to provide a suitable financial incentive for success, however they should be honest and forthcoming in this as the suggested incentives are perceived to be insulting and complete invaluation of the staff and players.

Within 12 months we have gone from a team attracting the best talents from all over to a world, to a team that can no longer attract the best of its so called "homegrown players", how do you invite players from the premier league of Guyanese decent into the situation we currently face, with no plans of progression or resolution from the federation, it simply cannot happen.

In researching federations who have faced similar situations in the past, I will mention our close neighbours Trinidad, who had nothing but a verbal agreement and are set to be paid there monies. We have a written and signed agreement. I will make this clear, as a TEAM, we are not happy with the correspondance between federation and players despite numerous attempts of communication we have received nothing but abstinence to respond and ignorance.

The decision to send this letter so late has not only influenced the squad numbers, strength and depth, it has also cost the federation monies which they claim not to have. By assuming everyone was able to accept this lack of support, flights were missed as players were notified the night before they were due to fly, and not all the players have there emails so easily accessable. If money is so scarce surely to make these assumptions is a mishandling and negligence of finance.

What it is the federation is trying to do to this team, why is there consistent resistance and unnecessary obstacles placed in the path of the team from the federation and why the ill timing, and unacceptable decisions from the federation. Always seems to occur days if not hours before competition consistently hampering the preparations and mind frame of the players. Consistently we pick ourselves up and continue to fight for Guyanese pride when competing against other nations only to be undervalued and unappreciated by our own federation.

The federations inability to generate finances and sponsors given this valuable marketable 12 month period, probably the most marketable period this federation has ever faced has drastically failed, and individuals or the federation as a whole must be held accountable for this. Due to this any little income or bonus that the players achieve due to on field success is sucked away by the federation to cover expenses and debts. Relying on the success of the team should not be the means of covering these issues. The success of the team should pave the future and allow the players to benefit and be better off from their achievements. The game was sold to play in foreign despite knowing the fixture date a whole year in advance, things were not put in place to enable the game to host, and if it is true that no substantial benefit is to come from the sale of this game then again, this must be perceived as a gross mishandling of affairs and im sure this will be the perceived view world wide.

The players are STILL committed to represent GUYANA and place their bodies on the line and the preparations and attitude and commitment in carribean cup camp has been unquestionable as it never is with these players. The players have shown commitment to the coach, their country and their team mates which is commendable in this situation.

The success of the Guyana National extends far beyond on field performance and the players, it stems from the gorund staff, to the office staff to the fan support and only a whole hearted effort from all personals can result in the success and progress of the football in GUYANA.

It is not the money that is the issue here, as 12% of 0 is in fact 0 and the players have agreed to that, which is further proof, greed is not the stimulative motive. It is the principal of why the players are not benefitting financially from the teams success and why the federation has not been transparent and forthcoming in disclosing what is financially fair and feesable for the federation.

Time for change in the Guyana Executive committee and this is why further reasoning of why we need all involved in football to get behind the team and help achieve this change. Government, FIFA, our neighbouring caribbean nations and most importantly the people of Guyana. These men do not feel the need to move aside in order to allow the game to progress or give someone else a chance. Now is the time for change.

November 22nd, 2012

Walter Moore no longer wants to represent Guyana under the current Administration

15 Year National Team Veteran Player Walter Moore no longer wants to represent Guyana under the current Administration whilst only 28 years old and approaching the peak of his career as a footballer.

I have been involved in the national team program for 14 years representing Guyana at every level and been involved in football both domestically and internationally I have had enough of the current figure heads of the Guyana Football Federation who have taken football in Guyana no were for a number of years. Now is the time we as players put a stop to this, year after year, nothing changes with these persons. After our historic win vs trinidad and tobago, the federation badly mismanaged the team. This has been going on long before I started to play for guyana almost 15 years ago, Colin Klass was president of the GFF for over 20 years, Adonis and Rutherford were employed under the Klass era and this lack of vision and progression needs change. On numerous occasion the team has made progress however every time we make a step fowared on the field the GFF takes two step back and obstructs the teams progress. We need fresh people with good ideas and who are willing to work tirelessly along with the players for the future of Guyana Football.

Walter Moore

November 21st, 2012


Vurlon Mills, player of the Guyana National Team no longer wants to play for Guyana under the current administrators of the Football Federation . "We the players of the Guyana Football Team are being treated badly to represent the nation . Footballers of the current national program and even players before us have complained about the handling of affairs from the federation and how they continue to treat us with no respect and no loyalty.

Numerous amount of moneys are owed to players of the Guyana National Football Team . A signed agreement was made prior to the home game , against Mexico, in Texas with four(4) members of the current governing body including acting president Frankie Wilson. Mr Adonis and Mr Rutherford were not at the meeting, however when they were later informed they vetoed the descison and showed a complete lack of loyalty and integrity to the national program.

Guyana made history on the 11th of October 2011 (11-11-11) when we beat Trinidad & Tobago in the 2014 round two (2) world cup qualifiers , this was the time when Guyana footballers were most marketable to gain sponsorship and also making a name for their selves and yet nothing was done to improve the standard of football in Guyana and the way in which players of the national program were being treated .

This will continue to go on forever if no one puts a stop to it . As a member of the national program , I am asking for a change in the administrators and unless the members of the current federation step down, myself and none of the players want to represent Guyana any longer.

Vurlon Mills

November 19th, 2012

Guyana National Team Players want administrative personnel to resign

Editor's Note: The following is a press release from the players of the Guyanese national football team. This release comes on the heels of Guyana's participation in Group 6 of the Caribbean Cup. Prior to the playing of the matches in this round of the Caribbean Cup, it was revealed that a number of the team's players, including striker Gregory "Jackie Chan" Richardson, had declined to participate due to the fact that the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) only offered a $12 (USD) per day stipend while representing the national team. This coming only a month after the GFF had allowed their home World Cup Qualifier against Mexico to be played at a "neutral" venue (Houston, USA) while the team was still mathematically alive in Qualifying, and, allegedly, reaping a large sum of money from this move.

As players who have made tremendous sacrifices to represent Guyana we feel that the time has come for changes in the executive of the Guyana Football Federation. Two paid personnel Noel Adonis and George Rutherford are responsible for the stagnation of the game in Guyana. They have shown gross incompetence in their secretarial duties, causing players to lose their jobs and risk their contracts. They are totally disconnected from the modern game and the administrative needs of modern football and are like leeches on the GFF not to mention the huge sums of money they receive for being incompetent. They have no understanding of what is required for success from a performance perspective neither from a administrative perspective in todays game.

Aubrey Major is the hardest working member of the GFF EXCO and has demonstrated a commitment to taking the game to another level, but his efforts and all reach to nought because of the incompetence of these two men. As players we met with four members of the GFF EXCO in Houston Texas prior to the Mexico game. The players refused to play the game based on numerous issues, a written agreement was reached enable the fixture to commence, however behind our backs Mr Adonis and Rutherford vetoed the agreement with little regard for how it will look in terms of their integrity and decency as men.

But what does Mr Adonis know about integrity he has been suspended by the world governing body for football, yet instead of doing the decent thing and resigning he has continued to mismanage the GFF, frustrate players and staff and dictate to the Acting President who has shown great weakness in his tenure. As players we knew a different Frankie Wilson as a outspoken people person when he was Vice President, now Executive and General Council members are telling us that he has become so weak allowing Adonis and Rutherford to dictate and frustrate the game.

These two men receive fat salaries off the efforts of the players and cannot send letters to clubs and employers in time, what are they being paid to do ? Shawn Beveney has lost his job in England, the Newton brothers have lost monies and Adonis has not had the decency to call and even ensure minimum compensation is meted out to these guys.

Players have gotten injured and paid medical bills out of their pockets and even has bills pending but he does not even return emails. These two men are the same men that was used by former President Mr. Klass to subjugate players and frustrate us. It is clear that the agenda for these two men is not for Guyana to win but to merely participate and the President is too scared to fire them as paid employees.

It is in the interest of Mr. Adonis and Rutherford for the GFF/GFA issue to stay unresolved and drawn out so that Mr. Klass will return from his suspension and then ban the GFA people.

On November 11, 2011 the Golden Jaguars defied all odds and defeated Trinidad & Tobago and made a historic entry in the semi final round of the CONCACAF FIFA World Cup Qualifying tournament. Large sums of money was received in sponsorship that should have been invested back into benefits for the good of the game. Aubrey Shanghai Major should not have to be running around begging for financial support for the national team today. It shows a total lack of vision, planning and poor execution.

In this regard the current crop of players do not want to play under the GFF that continues to employ two Secretaries who are totally incompetent at their jobs, who has run afoul of FIFA and have integrity issues hanging over their heads. These men have made their life, retired and now come as retirees to bleed football of its little benefits.

Guyana's football cannot go forward with them and if the President does not see the need to review their tenure then he too will show that he says one thing out of office and does another when he is in office.

in 2008 the players performed a similar withdrawal from participation asking for the resignation of Colin Klass, instead Klass reversed the protest and banned all of the playing staff. Klass is currently banned from all football activity thanks to FIFA's investigations, Mr. Adonis was also suspended as part of the same investigation. Now is the time to remove the remnants of Klass' administration completely and begin fresh. 4 years later the players are staging the same action for the removal of the same staff from the Klass administration.

The players will keep the public informed on a weekly basis and bring documented evidence of the incompetence of the secretariat and how they have let down the game in Guyana. This is yet another occasion to rid ourselves of incompetence and put sport in Guyana on a solid footing.