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February 11th, 2013

Golden Jaguars want Collie Hercules for President

Golden Jaguars skipper Christopher Nurse is calling on the Guyana football fraternity to elect Collie Hercules as the next president of the Guyana Football Federation.

Nurse who led Guyana to its historic semi final round placement in the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament for the FIFA 2014 World Cup stated, "Collie Hercules is a well respected person who had a really good career as a player, a promising start as a coach and a person who understands what is needed at this time. Central to any football federation must be consideration of what is needed in terms of player development, coach education and competitions. Collie will have the support of players home and abroad and he is a person with a lot of integrity."

Nurse played with Hercules from 2007 to 2009 and feels that the former Guyana standout striker will do a better job than the current administration.

"None of the current administrators except Aubrey 'Shanghai' Major has demonstrated any kind of competence in raising funding or even basic things like writing letters. They just sit at the office and draw fat salaries when coaches and players are constantly deceived and lied to," explained Nurse. "How can the Guyana Football Federation justify having two full time General Secretaries in George Rutherford and Noel Adonis and not have one coach employed on a full time basis. Any President that allows this does not see where the priorities lie in terms of football development," added the outspoken Jaguar.

Nurse feels that the other contenders should throw their support behind Hercules. "The time has come for Guyana to rid itself of persons in administration whose aim is just to grow fat off the sweat and tears of the players and coaches. Instead of having a lot of people contest the election all the right thinking football lovers should throw their support behind Collie Hercules."

World governing body FIFA has mandated that the GFF hold General Elections for President in April.

Editor's Note: Hercules, known locally as "Hitman", most recently served as assistant manager of the Golden Jaguars and briefly managed the team in 2011. He played professionally for Tobago United in the T&T Pro League during his playing career.