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July 27th, 2008

Aruba to join Caribbean Championships

It was announced today that Aruba will take Dominica's place in Group A, while Dominica will join Group B of the Digicel Caribbean Championships. Dominica were unable to make the trip to Willemstad, where they were scheduled to take on Grenada on July 29th, due to flight problems. Dominica will move to Group B, where they will face Guyana and Suriname in Guyana. This is the third group they have been a part of, as they were originally scheduled to take part in Group D. This is not Aruba's first group either, as they were originally supposed to be in Group B, before dropping out of the tournament.

The opening fixture now has Aruba replacing Grenada as the Netherlands Antilles' opponent on July 27th with Grenada now playing their first match against Aruba on July 29th. As Aruba was a part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986, this match will be a derby.